AAP Federal Budget 2019 coverage: What we did

Each year, a nimble team of AAP reporters, photographers, videographers, producers and technical staff get on a mission to cover the Federal Budget in AAP style: fast, lean and mean. This year the team did not disappoint in output or quality.

Editor Mike Osborne thanked the team for another year of outstanding coverage and support to clients  and here is what he said:

"Thanks to all involved in another amazing federal budget coverage effort by team AAP.

It was a smaller team this year but the quality never waivered and the quantity was impressive.

Deputy Editor Jo Williamson and Canberra Bureau Chief Paul Osborne did the bulk of the planning which was key to success."

"The reporters, photographers and videographers in the budget provided great stories, images, video, graphics and visual explainers.

Special gongs for the main wraps on the budget, the economy and finance. Well written and engaging copy.

The tech team, as always, provided solid and reliable comms that came on line instantly.

And afterwards we were fast and ferocious with the reaction."

"All this on top of the usual high-quality Canberra Parliamentary coverage.

Best-on-Ground for the day was Dan McCulloch who not only made the sandwiches for the AAP team in the lockup (smoked salmon was sensational!) but also filed 10 explainers and 7 stories in the lockup and four afterwards. Outstanding work. Take a bow team."

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