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Budget 2017: From the eyes of AAP's Deputy Editor

The Federal Budget is one of the biggest political stories of the year. The anticipation builds up for weeks before the final announcement is made on the second Tuesday in May at 7.30pm. Behind the closed doors of the “lockup”, a buzzing crowd of journalists dissect the Budget papers and prepare to answer Australians’ questions: the key measures, the implications, how it will affect their lives and the impact their pockets.

AAP’s Deputy Editor, Jo Williamson, has covered the Lockup for the last nine years. Thanks to her and the support of some of the most experienced budget, finance and political reporters in the country, AAP is able to deliver every time in both words and visuals.

Hear from Jo ahead of this year’s Federal Budget announcement.

What is prepared for this years’ AAP coverage?

We'll have a team of 25 editors, reporters, photographers, videographers and digital producers working in the lockup to ensure we deliver the best of the budget content as soon as the lockup ends. As well as all of the key news across portfolios, we'll be providing stories for every state on what they get. New: We'll also be producing visual explainers within the budget, focused on winners and losers, what the states get and the numbers that matter.

How significant will this budget announcement be for Malcolm Turnbull and the opposition?

The Turnbull government will be hoping to get a new lease of life from this budget. They've struggled in the polls since the cliffhanger election last year, and want to regain their momentum. So expect something good.

As deputy editor, what is your main focus on Budget night?

My main focus on budget night is to ensure we are covering the right stories the right way, that our subscribers have that information as soon as possible and that we deliver our content within seconds of the lockup ending. We have a team of engineers who have worked to ensure this happens once the lockup ends of 7.30pm.

The Australian media relies heavily on AAP to distribute strong, fast and accurate information. How do you ensure our coverage is always relevant to our clients?

Our team is across the issues that matter for the budget and know how to report it in context to the people that need to know - the average Australian. We also review our coverage every year and talk to our subscribers about what they want and try to communicate our plans to them well ahead of time.

AAP's Budget 2017 coverage will include

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